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Back Draft Replica Cobra

This car was built by Clyde Schuster in a single garage over a period of 12 months.
The engine is a 400 Small Block Chevy , with flat top pistons , on 6inch conrods , 76cc aluminium cylinder heads , Saturday night special roller cam and lifters , 1.5 roller rockers , dual quad 500 CFM Edelbrock carburettors with matching air  gap inlet manifold . This motor which was built by the legendary George Cumming is capable of producing in excess of 500 HP.
The transmission is a GM 400 Turbo box which was rebuilt by Mad Max of Mark 1 Auto it is well equipped to handle the power produced by the engine.
The modified front suspension and rear axle is from a BMW E36 with the rear axle having a 2.88 ratio
Paint work was done by Sagren of Y T Palace Trading, working as Ultimate Cars, the colour being Prowler Orange a 2 stage base and clear coat.
Upholstery Work and soft top were done by B&R Auto trimmers
Body and chassis kit is from Back Draft Racing
All other parts were supplied by THUNDERSPORT.
For further information contact Clyde at THUNDERSPORT

This car is extremely fast but as yet has not been tested.